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Unmatched SEO for Insurance Agents

Are you a dentist in need of new patients, and better yet more profitable patients ?  Here’s how we can quickly help grow your practice, and transform you into the most prolific dentist in your city.  I want to warn you in advance that we aren’t just another marketing agency. We produce amazing results. And we are 100% exclusive.  We help dentists become more profitable through managed dental SEO, managed dental PPC, and fully managed dental content marketing.

InsuranceGrowth.com Delivers Results Based On Experience

My name is David Krug. I’m the President of Prestige Patients. My father was a dentist. My brother is a dentist. I grew up sitting in a dental clinic. It left a lasting imprint on my soul, and fabric. 25 years later I’ve returned.

I’ve taken all the real world experience of marketing for higher education, insurance, and Fortune 500 companies and applied our biggest formulas to the dental industry.  I assembled a team of technologists, writers, and expert marketers to create and execute this marketing system on behalf of prolific dentists just like yourselfOur goals are to help 100 dentists in the next 3 years double their practices and change their lives. 

Are You An Ideal Partner ?

Ideally we like to work with dentists who are established already, and are obviously looking to grow their practices. They are taking on new patients, and are making at least a million dollars a year and are looking to double their practices in the next 2-3 years. If that’s you we’d like you to reach out to us to see if we are a good fit to help you. 

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We Help Dentists Attract Profitable Patients

I surveyed privately over 100 dentists. And so many told me the same exact thing. It’s hard to run a dental practice. It’s hard to get new patients. You don’t always get profitable patients, but the bills keep piling up. It’s not as affordable to run a dental practice as it was 20 years ago. I could go on and on.

This overwhelming mindset was why I sought to find a solution. I dispatched my marketing team from my previous agency and we set out to design a blueprint to help dentists the same way we’ve helped grow major colleges and universities. After months of planning and applying the sample principles we developed a solution that works, and works effectively. It’s called the Attraction Marketing System

The PrestigePatients.com Attraction Marketing System

Our Exclusive Invite Only Dental Marketing System attracts highly profitable patients to your practice, not empty promises. 

1. We Fix Your Website or Build You A New One

A high converting website if the foundation for any growing dental practice.  This includes lead generation forms, and locally targeted services pages to help you get the most profitable patients quickly. 

2. Laser Focused Local PPC Advertising Campaigns

3. Targeted Local SEO To Attract The Most Profitable Patients

4. Smart Retargeting Campaigns Which Increase Conversions

5. Lead & Call Tracking To Maximize Marketing ROI

6. Patient Reviews That Improve Your Online Reputation

The Best Part: We Only Work With One Dentist In Each Regional Market

You never have to compete against any of our other clients. This is an exlusive relationship that enables you to become the MOST PROLIFIC DENTIST in your market. And your results will exceed your expectations. 

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We drive more profitable leads to your website, so you can convert customers and accelerate your growth. 

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