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Are you an insurance agent in need of new clients, and better yet more profitable clients ?  Here’s how we can quickly help grow your book, and transform you into the most prolific insurance agent in your city.  I want to warn you in advance that we aren’t just another marketing agency. We produce amazing results. And we are 100% exclusive. 

InsuranceGrowth.com Delivers Results Based On Experience

My name is David Krug. I’m the President of InsuranceGrowth.com. I have 20+ years of experience in SEO and Content Marketing with experience in insurance marketing with a leading venture capital backed lead generation agency managing millions of dollars of growth. 

I’ve taken all the real world experience of marketing for higher education, insurance, and Fortune 500 companies and applied our biggest formulas to the insurance industry.  I assembled a team of technologists, writers, and expert marketers to create and execute this marketing system on behalf of prolific agents just like yourself

Our goals are to help 100 insurance agents in the next 3 years double their book and change their lives. 

We Help Insurance Agents Attract New Clients

I surveyed privately over 100 insurance agents. And so many told me the same exact thing. It’s hard to be an insurance agent in the digital age. It’s hard to get new clients. You don’t always get new clients and the bills keep piling up. It’s not as affordable to run a book of clients as it was 20 years ago. I could go on and on.

This overwhelming mindset was why I sought to find a solution. I dispatched my marketing team from my previous agency and we set out to design a blueprint to help insurance agents the same way we’ve helped grow other agencies and lead generation companies. After months of planning and applying the sample principles we developed a solution that works, and works effectively. 

1. High Quality, Premium Content That Ranks

We’re a small, experienced team of writers, content strategists, and SEO specialists. Your content is collaboratively written by over-caffeinated top-notch freelance minds, pulled from the hot press, and sharpened until it’s perfectly refined. Careful—it’s hot.

2. The Market is Hungry, So We Give Them Something to EAT

We follow an E-A-T framework: Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. We construct content aimed at turning you into an authority figure in your industry, and add some SEO juice for flavor.

3. A Completely Automated Experience

A completely hands-free experience. We research, write, optimize, and proofread. We’re basically robots that run on pizza and iced coffee.


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We drive more profitable leads to your website, so you can convert customers and accelerate your growth. 

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